BOEM-S - Blue Overall Energy Monitoring System is a state-of-the-art ship data platform bringing together ship performance monitoring, technical management, business performance and maintenance management.

This fully customisable system enables all key ship management functions to be performed through one portal.

It is fully flexible system allowing clients choose the functions they require.

Available Functions:




Ship Performance Monitoring 

Ship peformance data is easily monitored and analysed through BOEM-S and correlated with other busienss factors to ensure the maximum can be achieved from each vessel at all times.

Whilst BOEM-S is specifically designed to work with VEEO Mk4, it can interface with any other performance monitoring systems.

Ship Doc

All documents relating to a vessel or fleet can be accessed at any time from any location with Ship Doc. Includes classification, statutory, vessel, techinical information as well as any other reports required.

Ensure all documentations is kept up to date and receive reminders to action items as they become due.




Ship Commercial Management

Easily understand the commercial potential of any voyage to make informed decisions.

The expected profits are calculated taking account the route, speed, weather, ship condition (ballast or laden), fuel costs, voyage taxes, port taxes, crew costs, and more.

Ship Maintenance

BOEM-S enables maintenance to be planned when it is actually needed based on the actual running hours and/or consumption of the machinery.

When maintenance is required the maintenance task procedure, spare parts required, spare parts availability, required tools and man/hours information are produced together with a budget based on the last costs of the spares and man/hours allowing improved planning and cost control.

Condition Based Monitoring

Sophisticated analysis of key machinery sensors enables machinery condition to be monitored and recommendations to be made based on this.
BOEM-S actively learns as it gathers the operational information delivering accurate reliable predictions and advice based on multiple level recording of the machinery behaviour.
A condition based monitoring approach significantly improves machinery life and reduces workload on crew.


BOEM-S have NATO Equipment stock number.