Dual Fuel VTEC



TecnoVeritas has done a pioneer work in the world, developing his know-how  in existing diesel or HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) engines conversions to Dual Fuel. These conversions are accomplished with minimum engine operation stops.

Dual Fuel operation consists in the simultaneous burning of two different fuels. Diesel or HFO operated engines can be converted to work up to 95% of the heat per cycle coming from Natural Gas (or other gaseous fuel, like hydrogen, propane, LPG, etc.)

Dual Fuel VTec system allows simultaneous combustion of gas and diesel (or HFO) through its individual cylinder injection, thus resulting in an operation with high efficiency and safety.

Our Experience

TecnoVeritas’s conversions team is extremely competent, which ensures a reliability and quality of the provided service.
TecnoVeritas accomplished the first engine conversion in 2000, in Australia and in 2008 realized the first conversion in Portugal, on a cogeneration power station at Estarreja.

Main advantages of the system:

Maintenance costs are lower than engines working with diesel fuel.
Emission pollution (CO2, NOx, particulate matter) is minimized, enabling compliance with legislation, increasingly restricted referring to the gaseous emissions, particularly NOx.
There is no power loss
The engine can revert to full diesel operation at any time.
Converting diesel engine to Dual Fuel the operating costs reduces about 20% comparing to diesel operation. Furthermore, there are no engine efficiency losses, since the combustion also takes place according to Diesel cycle.


Multipoint Dual Fuel Conversion System Small Bore

TecnoVeritas is now releasing its dual fuel system for small bore engines, based on the well proven multipoint injection VTec technology used to convert Diesel engines to dual fuel operation of large bore engines.

VTec SB allows the users of small bore diesel alternator engines to operate in a mixture of Natural Gas and Diesel, cutting down the generator set operational costs.

The cost benefits of VTec SB results from the difference in cost of the energy based on Natural gas (or other gas) and diesel oil, but also from the maintenance costs and exhaust emissions. A decrease in NOx, and particulate matter is in the order of 20% to 40% less.

VTec SB, technology, allows a better use of gas, as there is no gas slip or escape through the valves overlapping period, therefore avoiding exhaust gas pipe explosions, resulting in a great improvements in terms of energy use as well as in safety and environment, when compared with fumigation or single point systems offered to the market.
Gas injection takes place only above 30% engine load, therefore making sure that combustion is regular.

The system can be virtually installed in any existing or new Diesel alternator, allowing a fast investment return, which is proportional to the running hours, and to the substitution ratio obtained (up to 90% gas)

The VTec SB dual fuel system, is based on a common rail technology, where precise microprocessor injection of gas in each cylinder is optimised for each engine load of operation.

The system optionally includes an engine knock protection system, which adjusts the gas quantity to control and protect the engine from heavy knocking and misfiring. Technologies employed by TecnoVeritas in the large bore Dual Fuel engines.

Optionally extra safety protections can be included, such as remote alarm, gas detection, quick closing safety valves.

VTec SB is offered as a kit, requiring a basic knowledge of engines and electrical engineering.