Energy Management

Effective energy management is essential to cost-effective operations, especially in large facilities with large energy bills

Tecnoveritas can help you implement BS EN ISO:50001 and develop a tailored plan that both identifies  cost savings and more importantly, how your company can achieve them. With our many years of experience of resource efficiency audits and implementing management systems, we understand the most cost effective solutions for you.

BS EN ISO:50001 is the European Standard for Energy Management that provides a robust framework for optimizing energy efficiency in public and private sector organizations.



The benefit of BS EN ISO: 50001 certification are:

  •   Significant financial savings can be achieved through increased energy efficiency;
  •   System Compatibility; BS EN ISO: 50001 can be integrated with existing management systems;
  •   System Compatibility; BS EN ISO: 50001 can be integrated with existing management systems Organizations can ensure compliance with  legal and regulatory requirements;
  •   Ensure best practice energy management systems are in place;
  •   Improve energy performance in a systematic way;
  •   Establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system.


TecnoVeritas will work with you to develop and implement your plan including:

  •       Program development and communication;
  •       Strategic energy management planning;
  •       Program progress review and reporting;
  •       Energy survey;
  •       Monitoring and Targeting strategy, planning and implementation.