Condition Monitoring

One of the concerns of maintenance is to know the condition of equipment before they fail and cause serious consequences.
We offer the services:
  • Vibration analysis
  • Alignments Inspection
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Non-intrusive Measuring
  • Dimensional control of mechanical component
  • Inspection by video endoscopy
  • Engine base recovery






TecnoVeritas provides a monitoring system of data acquisition and analysis. Such systems continuously monitors the operating conditions and has a significant role in managing a process, allowing automatically detect changes to the process control variables, possible damage and its evolution with rewards of optimization of maintenancenção.

The Metrology aims to ensure the accuracy of the equipment measurements. In this area TecnoVeritas offers a set of pressure calibration services, temperature, mass, torque, power, voltage and current.

These calibrations can be performed in TecnoVeritas laboratory or on cliente facilities.