Naval Engineering

TecnoVeritas have offered naval engineering services of the highest calibre for over 20 years


With numerous marine engineering projects completed worldwide with some of the best know names in the maritime industry, TecnoVeritas have the expertise and know-how to support you in your project.

TecnoVeritas heavily investment in ongoing technical training ensuring they are continually up to date with the latest methodologies, advancements  and new technologies.



TecnoVeritas offers a wide range of services, which include:

  • Study of technical and economic conversion projects for LNG & Metanol;
  • Study of technical and economic projects for energy optimization of existing vessels;
  • Study of technical and economic projects for scrubbers;
  • Naval Automation and control, automation platforms, distributed control, PLC's;
  • Machine design and arrangement of the engine room;
  • Thermodynamics and process integration;
  • Sea trials of the vessel, including handling performance;
  • Studies of technical and economic of implementation projects SCR (selective catalytic reactors) Tier II and III.