The Optipower is capable of measuring the Torque, Thrust, Speed and Power transmitted by the propulsion shafting.
The system is ideal to measure the propulsion plant performance, therefore a tool to comply with ISO 19030 and MRV.

Optipower Plus signals of Torque, Thrust and Power may be visualised and logged into a colour touchscreen, therefore resulting in a very economical solution to monitor basic ship performance.
Although for a complete monitoring of vessel performance and outstanding information and ship energy management Optipower can be connected to VEEO MK4, a Seatrade Award Winner for Cleaning Shipping (London, 2012). 



OPTIPOWER Mk2 - Main Unit

  •  RS 232 Diagnostic and Configuration Connection;
  •  Power Suply:  110Vac/230Vac (at 60 Hz or 50) or 120 Vdc;
  •  Power Consumption:  25 W maximum;
  •  Electrical Protection:  Overload/Over Voltage/Auto-recovery after fault condition;  
  •  Input:  2.4 GHz (fully encrypted signal);
  •  Analog Output Signals:  4-20 mA (Torque, Thrust, Power, Speed and Direction);
  •  Communications Protocol:  Serial Protocol ( RS485) - Proprietary NMEA0183 String;
  •  Dimensions:  152 x 152 x 102 mm;
  •  Operating Temperature:  - 20ºC to 70ºC;
  •  Fault detection and alarm;


All TecnoVeritas products have:

  • Type and design approval from major IACS Classification Societies;
  • Received NATO Numbers;
  • Fully compliant with ISO 19030 hull condition.