Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan

A Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) must be properly implemented and in order to get the financial benefits.

Do not allow your ship’s SEEMP to become simply ‘paper’ stored onboard the vessel. Ensure it is used to cut fuel costs by actively increasing the energy efficiency of the ship.

How can TecnoVeritas Help You?


SEEMP for compliance

For the operators who need a fast solution to achieve compliance with the SEEMP regulations, TecnoVeritas can provide a package containing the ships data required in a checklists format.This data is then sent back to TecnoVeritas for analysis and a SEEMP plan according to IMO MEPC .1/Circ.683 is delivered to you.The SEEMP plan is based on the applicable ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management) standards.


Our SEEMP expertise

TecnoVeritas has been carrying out the ship energy management plan and audit cycle with clients for over 20 years- long before SEEMP regulation came in to force.We have experience on tankers, LPG vessels, barges and containers vessels.
Our expertise is not theoretical but practical. All of TecnoVeritas have been chartered engineers and marine engineers at sea. We know what ship operators and crews are looking for.


One Step Further

For the most effective SEEMP, an initial energy audit should be made to pin point energy saving actions.
Once TecnoVeritas have assessed the vessel, actions are proposed in a report with respective techno economic analysis for each provided.This enables informed decisions on the most beneficial actions to implement as well as giving target achievable performance.


Automated Tools

TecnoVeritas also offeris the VEEO Voyage Energy & Emissions Optimiser, a type approved ship performance measurement system to daily monitor your ship energy and environmental performance.The VEEO system monitors a wide variety of ship operating parameters in real time including fuel consumption, trim optimisation, hydrodynamic performance, main engine performance including live dynamic load diagrams, emissions monitoring.

More Than Just Clients

In addition to SEEMP plans, TecnoVeritas can help you on many other aspects, like ship operation, ship compliance with upcoming regulations in the most efficient way and strategy to ensure long term profitability.

At TecnoVeritas we look at ship owners and operators as partners and not as clients, creating strong win-win relationships.

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