Shaft Alignment and Vibrations

Structural and Torsional


Correct shaft alignment is critical to efficient, safe operations.

Misalignment of the propulsion system or failures in the shaft line components often require in-depth knowledge and expertise to diagnose, solve and prevent in the future.

TecnoVeritas are able to assess vessel shaft arrangements and establish the alignment conditions using the most accurate and effective methods including bearings jackings, strain gauge and optical alignments measure techniques.

With TecnoVeritas you can be assured of rapid diagnosis and resolution of any sub-optimal operating conditions and have confidence that vessels are performing at their best across your fleet.

Shaft alignment:

  • Propulsion shafting FEM model engineering using ANSYS and TecnoShaft software
  • Bending stress measurement by means of strain gauges
  • Alignment analysis of the complete propulsion installation
  • Torsional vibration calculations
  • Torsional, Longitudinal and Whirling vibration measurements
  • Jack Uptesting
  • Power and thrust measurements



The technologies in use include:

  •   Strain gage
  •   Bi-dimensional laser beam
  •   Load cell and jack
  •   Eddy current analysers
  •   Vibration analysers
  •   Stress fields paints
  •   Infrared thermography

Workshop Jobs:

  • Machining and quality control
  • Repositioning of bearings
  • Resin Chock fast

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