Ship Energy Performance Management

TecnoVeritas have the solution to managing the energy performance of your vessels.

From simple data collation through to fully integrated, tailored software systems for the whole company, TecnoVeritas can provide the right solution for you.

To make it simple, TecnoVeritas offer three different levels of solution to manage your energy and performance needs: 

Blue Overall Energy Monitoring System

Voyage Energy Efficiency Optimiser MK4

Voyage Energy Efficiency Optimiser Initial


BOEM-S Blue Overall Energy Monitoring System

BOEM-S a fully customisable, state of the art ship data platform suitable for Energy Performance Optimisation, Condition Based Maintenance, Maintenance Management, Statutory and Classification management, Commercial Voyage Optimisation and Surveillance, Interactive Company data Sharing and more.

BOEM-S is the system for gaining the maximum operational and process efficiencies.


VEEO Mk4 Voyage Energy Efficiency Optimiser

The VEEO Mk4 performs in-depth data analysis presenting it to the user in an intuitive, clear graphic format that enables vessel performance management with ease.

In addition to the basic operational data, it also measures further valuable indicators for ship management.


VEEO Initial Voyage Energy Efficiency Optimiser

This entry level solution automatically collects the basic operational data that is required for simple, but effective vessel energy management.

Users can filter and analyse the data to provide knowledge of vessel performance and variables.

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The key transducer for ship performance.

Although a variety of key performance indicators can be used to improve ship performance, none is as direct, and produces such a direct correlation, as the complementary use of shaft power, torque and thrust meter, allowing the complete understanding where performance inefficiencies are.

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