Energy Audits

An Energy Audit (or Survey) evaluates and determine where and how energy is being lost, what systems are operating inefficiently and what cost-effective improvements can be implemented to reduce energy consumption and save money.

An Energy Audit provides a good opportunity to look at a ship energy use and see where savings can be made.

Tecnoveritas has devised a methodical energy audit that presents the customers with hard, compelling facts about the energy they can save.



An energy audit carried out by Tecnoveritas aims to achieve the following benefits:

  Reduction of energy usage

  Cost savings

  Energy efficiency


The Process:

Phase 1: Holistic investigation encompassing technical and non technical aspects of ships operation, involving data acquisition and analysis combined with shipboard audit.

Phase 2: Identification of energy savings opportunities. The identification of these opportunities is accompanied by technical and economical calculations, to access the investment return of each energy saving measure.

Phase 3: Production of a report with the found energy saving opportunities their investment and rate of return.

Phase 4: A ship specific Energy Rationalisation Plan is produced. This incorporates the energy saving measures and strategies approved by management and works as a reference document for the implementation of the accepted energy saving measures on-board. It also allows the energy savings achieved to be measured on an ongoing basis.