Solutions and Products

TecnoVeritas manufacture and supply world class power and energy management products and solutions to maritime and shore industries.

These flexible solutions can be tailored to the exact needs of a client making TecnoVeritas the supplier of choice for clients worldwide.

Solutions include:


Shaft meter cutting edge shaft power meters capable of measuring all the key parameters applied to the shaft including torque, thrust, speed and power.


Performance and Energy Management Systems Intuitive, affordable software and hardware systems for optimising energy consumption.


Portable Fuel & Oil Analysis Kits, quality and characteristics testing kits for any location.

Engine Diagnosis System EDS

Gas & Diesel Engine Diagnostic Systems ,The robust portable Engine Diagnosis System measures the pressure of the cylinders and other key variables in the diesel and gas engines.


Fuel Emulsion Systems produces instant in-line stable water-in-oil emulsion fuel through its innovative ultrasonic cavitation homogenizing system to improve fuel combustion.