TecnoCat is a low-cost catalyser for the treatment of stationary Diesel power plants exhaust emissions. TecnoVeritas initiated its activity of emissions monitoring in the year 1998, and realized that exhaust emissions from Diesel power plants were problematic in particular because of the NOx concentration.

The solutions to control this problem were various from which the implementation of a high efficiency NOx catalyser. At the time, the catalysers were expensive, and their durability was not satisfactory as exhaust gas from heavy fuel oil combustion is quite poisoning and mechanically aggressive to the standard catalysts.

TecnoVeritas started then the research to solve these problems, resulting in the use of special substrates that can allow reconditioning while presenting a high efficiency.

In 2007, the first industrial TecnoCat was installed at ENVIROIL, Torres Novas, Portugal, producing the treatment of a 1200 kW Diesel engine operating with SIMIL, a fuel similar to diesel oil extracted from the cracking process of used mineral oils.