VEEO Initial

The affordable ship performance tool conforming to near future MRV rules.

The entry level solution for ship performance management.

VEEO Initial automates the collection of the operational data required for analyzing ship performance management. As well as voyage reports, VEEO Initial also produces noon reports.



What is Measured?

Wind speed, Wind Direction, Speed over water, Speed over ground, Position and Time are all measured. All other relevant data such as fuel consumption, displacement, cargo, lubricant oil usage, displacement etc. can be entered manually.

Outputs include: Mass of HFO per nautical mile, Mass of LFO per nautical mile; CO2 per nautical mile, Energy used per nautical mile, Shaft mechanical efficiency; Vessel total resistance; CO2 per shaft kWh; Velocity per shaft kWh

What Can it be Used For?

The VEEO system not only collates and displays key performance metrics for all energy consumers on-board a vessel but it also performs key statistical analysis on these to offer a far more detailed comprehensive support tool.


Installation of VEEO Inicial

Setting up VEEO Initial is very simple.

Stage One: Client sends basic ship information data for parametrization and defines which are the manual data inputs they wish to be on the automatic reports (Example: Draft FW and AFT, Tonnes of Cargo, Fuel Consumption, Generators Running Hours, etc.).

At this stage the type of ship to shore transmission to be used should be chosen. Data transmission can be through a variety of formats including ship to shore satellite communication or GPRS at any time the vessel is near the coast. VEEO initial could be also used by the vessel crew without shore communication.

Stage two: The VEEO Initial hardware is supplied by TecnoVeritas.
As long as NMEA connections are in place on the vessel, installation on board takes one day. It can be performed either by an authorized radio company or by TecnoVeritas personnel. Training of ship’s crew takes place at installation.orts.

Hardware and software requirements:
Hardware (NMEA Hub+Modem GPRS+Power Supply) & Software (License)


VEEO have type approval by American Bureau of Shipping.

Download Certificate

VEEO – Voyage Energy & Emissions Optimizer won the first prize of the Seatrade Awards 2012 on the Clean Shipping category.

VEEO have NATO Equipment stock number.